Basic Checklist in Buying a Copier for School and Office Uses

Having a photocopier in your school or office can be of significant advantage to you. Different types of copiers can do what is needed for your work. From a primary function to make copies, to do all sorts of things like resizing your documents, printing on both sides of the papers, or even creating a booklet for you.

If you are currently deciding on what kind of copier to buy to suit your needs, here is a checklist for you to look on to help you in choosing the best copier for your school or office.


In buying any equipment, the first thing we always consider is its cost. Make sure to determine your budget for the short and long-term value. For the short term cost, it is what the actual copier will cost. And for the long-term price, some copiers need maintenance from time to time especially if you will be buying a copier that has multiple functions. Also, you’ll also need to think ahead for the cost you’ll spend on the future problems that may come up that will need repairing.


If you will not be using your copier for colored results, it is best to buy a copier that only uses black ink for you to be able to save money. But if you will need it for other functions, some copiers are capable of going the extra mile. Copiers can function as your printer, scanner, or fax machine. It can also have the function to enlarge or reduce the size of your scans. Wireless copiers are also available for you to access the device quickly and use it to send your scanned documents to other staffs of your school and office, or even to a specific email address.

Quality and Efficiency

Some copiers are made to produce bulk copies of your paperwork and at the same time maintaining its quality. Who would want a scanned document that has blurred lines and spills of ink right?

You can also look for Houston copiers that can produce results in a fast and quick manner.  You can know the pages per minute (ppm) that the machine can print for you to work efficiently. There are models of copiers that can produce results in black faster than color. Usually, the manufacturer of copiers makes this information available to its buyer.


If you’ll be buying, buy from companies that offer a guarantee to their products. The warranty can be provided free for one year or consecutive years for specific parts. It will help you on a long-term basis when it comes to spending on repairing or replacing parts for your copier.

Other Small Details

You may also want to take note of the cost of the consumables such as your toners, papers, etc. especially if you will be printing in large quantities. For the documents, there are copier companies that require you to use a particular type of paper for you to keep your warranty on the machine. The controls of the copier can be a small detail for you to check on. Make sure to choose a copier that has commands that can be understood easily by the faculty and staff of your school and office.

It may be challenging to look for options when buying a copier, but it will always be worth it. In the end, you’ll be able to save a lot of money and time when you have bought the best copier for your school and office.

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