Psa Nitrogen Generator System: How It Works?

The air we breathe in doesn’t only contain oxygen and is a combination of many other gases. The atmosphere is the mixture of these gases and nitrogen takes up 79% percent of the air whereas oxygen only takes up 20%. But, this doesn’t mean that Nitrogen cannot help up for anything and in reality, Nitrogen helps in powering a lot of things. So, how we take out nitrogen out of so many gases present in the environment? Yes, this is a question not many things even when they are using equipment powered solely by N2 application. Well, we filter out nitrogen with the help Pressure Swing Absorption (PSA) Nitrogen Generator; we can spate the nitrogen molecules from the compressed air and use it in a pure form.

So now when you know that how do we separate the nitrogen from the air to use it, let us know how this process works.

Psa Nitrogen Generator System

How Does PSA Nitrogen Generator System Works?

PSA Nitrogen Generator System is now a well-accepted process throughout the industrial sector. It mainly helps industry sectors with their different tasks like from packaging to supporting laboratories, but how does it perform the task?

PSA nitrogen generator actually filters out the unwanted molecules. After the air is taken in with the help of the intake valve, it is further sent to through CMS (Carbon Molecular Sieve). The CMS is made up with tiny pores all over its surface that are made of perfect size for the oxygen molecules. The nitrogen molecules are bigger than the oxygen ones. The nitrogen molecules pass through the CMS which is further used for different sectors depending on the use.

PSA nitrogen generator is made of two chambers. One comes with the fresh CMS for the absorption process and another is for desorbing the oxygen. It has been claimed that PSA nitrogen generator can produce 99.99% percent of pure nitrogen.

There is one more way through which nitrogen is separated. This way is to know as Membrane Nitrogen Generation. In this, the membranes are basically a bundle of small and hollow polymer fibers that are made of small pores throughout the surface.  As mentioned above, nitrogen molecules are bigger than the oxygen ones; it passes through the pores and nitrogen stay in the steam.

Advantages of PSA Nitrogen Generators

There are a lot of advantages associated with PSA Nitrogen generators, and the best of them are mentioned below.

  • It produces upto99% of pure nitrogen.
  • It provides a continuous flow of nitrogen that helps to keep the machines powered 24*7.
  • The application of the nitrogen gas can be changed based on the requirement anytime.
  • These generators come with long life durability. If used with a proper planning and right way, it can easily last up for an entire decade or more.

PSA Nitrogen Generator System is now a widely used system for its long-lasting feature and claim of giving 99.99% of nitrogen. Many industries are relying on this generator for varied uses. Even one can have PSA nitrogen plant manufacturer for the wider use.

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