The Relevance of the Watch Strap

Watches first appeared in history around the 14Th century. They were originally designed to use cogs and gears to tell the time, stickily clockwork. As time went on and technology improved, a quartz crystal was used to determine the time. Now there are quartz crystal driven watches as well as digital watches. As time progresses we’ve come to Apple watches. As with previous years, we got used to them on our phone (like a pocket watch) and we’ve now put them on our wrists again.

This brings us to the Apple watch Straps will be available. Watches have been in space, under the deep sea and inside most homes, but little thought is put to customizing them. Here technology is finally moving forward. Now you can have thicker gold straps for a business meeting to a thin leather strap for everyday use. Because watches can be very expensive it can be in the customer’s better interest to just own one at a time.


Only owning one watch can sometime present a problem. A scuba diver, for example needs a watch that can handle pressure changes and water. While some people may think a standard waterproof unit would suffice, this is not correct. The international Organization for Standardization has very specific tests and ratings for watches that claim to be water resistant. On the watch it has to be listed the pressure (normally in meters or feet) it can withstand. All of this tests can make a watch more expensive.

For a watch to truly be used by a scuba diver they must also take into account the compression of the wearer’s wrist. They will typically have springs on them that act to make it elastic. All of these things mean that a diver may have the money only for one watch. With watch straps this won’t be a problem. They can get straps that have the necessary elasticity while using another strap for a fashion statement.

As a business Apple is offering a product that will change the way we look at our timekeepers. They will have features surpassing just a clock, contributing to every aspect of our day. This watch will undoubtedly become a very large part of the wearer’s lives and they will need Apple Watch Straps to match. To the nurse that needs a small unobtrusive band to the farmer that needs a strong leather band, there are options for everyone.

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