Top 3 Trade Show Trends to Watch out for in 2017

The last few years have seen dramatic changes in how people attend and experience tradeshows. Not long ago, tradeshows used to be all about networking and giveaways, but that has since changed as tradeshow firms and organizers are continuously coming up with creative ways to make attendees more attentive, learn more and be more proactive in taking action.

To continue getting good results from the tradeshows, it is vital to know where the industry is headed, so that you can jump on board in good time and ride along for maximum benefits. Below are some of the hot trends worth watching out for in the coming year-:


VIP Treatment for customers and attendees

One method that tradeshow organizers have embarked on to ensure that their customers and attendees are happy is to offer VIP treatment in their booths. This kind of treatment begins by creating a list of the potential attendees and customizing the event and the displays to make them as appealing as possible.

It may also involve giving out specialized gifts, invitation to team dinners, and offering them with access to networking events they might not be able to get into amongst others. The ultimate goal here is to make the attendee feel like a king to earn their loyalty.

Customized unique experience

Offering customized unique experience in the exhibition stands is also coming out strongly as a trend to watch out for in 2017. Large expo booths are no longer the in thing as exhibitors tends to gravitate towards concentrating on promoting their brands and standing out from the crowd.

For instance, organizers are keen on having themed booths, which exudes the look and feel of the business and this is also well portrayed on the collateral giveaways, staff uniforms, marketing posts and any other attendee touch point taking place during the event.

 Increased use of data

The use of data in tradeshows allows organizers to offer more personalized experiences to the attendees. For instance, by looking at the visitors’ data from a past function, it is possible to come up with ideas to encourage deeper engagement thus creating richer experience for the attendees. Through data, organizers can derive more insights about the demographics and know how best to customize the experience to get the most from attendees.

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